Once Upon A Time – The Pop Up Geeks.

Hello friends,

Happy Friday! A wee quick bonus post for you all today. While my family was up visiting we spent a few hours visiting the Pop Up Geeks themed bar and I just wanted to share the amazing experience with you all.

A quick bit of background information – The Pop Up Geeks is an independent team based in Edinburgh that creates amazing themed cocktails inspired by various things. I have visited them before with friends during their Lord of The Rings/Hobbit themed run (Titled There and Back Again) and I am looking forward to their next theme – Blood and Wine (three guesses for the inspiration!)

Anyway, up until the end of February, the theme was Once Upon A Time – and it was all things folk and fairy tale. With a capacity of 20 or so the space was wonderfully decorated and we spent a good hour or so just chatting and enjoying the each-others company. For the non-alcohol drinkers (like my mum) the bartender asked her preferences and mixed up a custom mocktail for her, which was amazing.

Enchanted Rose on the right!

My brother enjoyed a Poison Apple cocktail. While I experience the wonder of The Enchanted Rose (yes it did come in a bell jar which was filled with smoked applewood smoke, no I didn’t video record it). I also couldn’t resist Forest of Thorns.

I loved that each of the cocktails came with a list of ingredients (super helpful when you have an allergy, like me) and wee descriptions/stories to accompany each of them. Although I know the bar can get busy, especially in the evenings, I have always received outstanding service and can’t wait to go back. The staff are super friendly, knowledgeable and dressed according to the theme!

So if you find yourself with a spare few hours in Edinburgh, and you like themed cocktails I would say this place is probably for you. It can be found in The Arches and it is super simple to book a table online if you like. If you are not based in Edinburgh all I can suggest is you check The Pop Up Geeks out on Facebook or Instagram!

Alanna x

All opinions expressed are my own and I paid for all goods mentioned.

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